Grade 6 – 12

Our ministry that invests in, disciples, and raises up our youth in the Lord since they are the future church and leaders for our nation.

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English-Speaking Group

What do youth enjoy doing most nowadays?

“Playing games, scrolling through social media, YouTube shorts” —Youth-1

“Watching Curry shooting 3 pointers on YouTube/watching NBA ” —Youth-2

“We dream of a happy, fulfilling life we dream of a life which we can be the light in the world. Shine on others” —Youth-3

“Sleeping, Gaming, Hanging with ppl” —Youth-4

What are some of the challenges youth facing these past 2 Covid-years?

“a. Depression; b. Bullying and online school; c. Paying attention; d. Expressing political opinion; e. anti social” —Youth-1

“a. fighting a lot; b. trouble focusing; c. paying attention; d. get pressured to do bored stuff; e, antisocial” —Youth-2

“a. abusive parents; b. peer pressure /drugs; c. not having a real relationship with God; d. comparing themselves with other online; e. opportunities in any activities is limited” —Youth-3

“find your interest by exposing to different kinds of activities and experiences. You can find your passion and you know more about yourself then you can know what degree you are gonna pursue in the future ” —Youth-4

What do youth wish to know about God? How has God impacted your life?

“youth wish to know how God can be shown through their lives. God hasn’t really had an impact in my life because I was born into a Christian household and haven’t really experienced His presence” —Youth-1

“God has impressed in my life by giving a purpose to live and a plan. God has also saving my life from doing the wrong” —Youth-2

“When they experience difficulties, when they are weak, they need God and this can build their faith” —Youth-3

“They want the bible visually. In many ways”. —Youth-4

“I want to know how in the midst of all this chaos is God working in this unholy sinful world. God has helped me to get out of struggles, picking me up when I’m down on my knees/fallen.” —Youth-5

“I don’t know” —Youth-6

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