Young Families

Our ministry that focuses on raising men of faith, faithfulness, honor, and Truth to God and their wives. We address issues pertinent to singles and families to learn to pray and walk in the Truth. Our Door is open to Bay Area for people to come and Enjoy God.

Come join us:

Chinese-Speaking Group

What are challenges young families face today? What might be most preoccupying their mind regarding the future of their young child?

“So many various issues that need to be addressed or mindful: online security, internet usage/culture, gun violence, gender issues, vaccines/diseases, political and social divisions, and whether or not we can help keep our child not only safe but connected and strong in Christian values.” —Young Family-1

“The challenges we face is the internet. Kids get hook on all these videos, video games in which it’s hard to get them to stop.” —Young Family-2

What would young parents dream to see in the future of their family?

“Kids are always on video devices instead of doing chores or Homework [we want them much less glued to video devices]”—Young Family-1

“We always want to see our kids to succeed.” —Young Family-2

How God has intervened in the lives of their families?

“That their kids continue to stay strong and connected in the Lord and help to change the course of what’s happening in the world today.” —Young Family-1

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