Essay taken from C&MA -Perspectives

While this Statement on Sexuality seeks to express the truth of Scripture, this truth must always be expressed with the spirit of grace found in Jesus Christ who came to us full of grace and truth (John 1:16–17).

Similarly, we ought to approach others with that same
spirit of grace and truth.

God’s Intention: Creation

Sexuality is created by God and is good. We are created and embodied as male and female.

In community we reflect God’s image and accomplish His purpose in the world (Genesis 1:26–28). We are created for committed intimate community, free from shame.

For a man and a woman,
this intimacy may be expressed and consummated sexually when they are united as one flesh in marriage (Genesis 2:24).

Our created sex and sexuality are GIFTS
from the Creator to be embraced with gratitude and worship.

Our Distortion: Fall

Any rebellion against God’s perfect design is sin. It separates us from God and distorts intimacy. All of us have experienced sexual brokenness in some fashion.

Differences between sexes meant to complement have led to dysfunctional, domineering, and even abusive relationships (e.g. physical, emotional, sexual [e.g. rape and incest], or

Our Redemption: Jesus

God loves us in our brokenness
with a love so boundless that He sent Jesus to redeem what sin had distorted.

Our Hope: Fulfillment

While Jesus’ death on the cross freed us from the penalty and power of sin, only His second coming (Acts 1:11) will free us completely from the presence of sin.

The battle for purity will be won , and we will be presented blameless in His presence with great joy (Mathew 24:30) .

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