Our ministry to reach and raise up college students and professionals to become faithful, faith-filled, devoted disciples of Jesus Christ, and faith servant leaders of this generation.

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What are the challenges that professionals are facing today?

“Major challenges I see amongst my peers are finding a spouse and finding a career that they are happy with and pays well to live in the Bay Area. It seems like it is very challenging in today’s world to meet potential partners due to the work environment being work from home and the global pandemic makes going out harder than before.

On the other hand, finding a career that is both fulfilling and affordable in the bay is a difficult challenge for us young professionals that have less leverage on our resume. “—Professional_1

“My job is in high tech area which is very demanding because we need to keep up with new technology or we will fall behind our competition. A lot of time has been spent on how to stay ahead of the game.” —Professional_2

How do you deal with the unexpected?

“Use wisdom and knowledge from what we have learnt in our life and from church’s teaching. Pray that God will give us the strength or whatever it needs to overcome the unexpected.” —Professional_2

What could be factors that increase your trust and/or faith in God?  Who is God to you?

“Life is full of unpredictable and challenges. It is from those events to help build up my trust and faith in God. Church plays a very important role in our life. It ensures our faith is in line so that we will not drift away from God. “—Professional_2

“Through difficult hardships and just life in general, God is someone who we can rely on and trust at all times. In every aspect of our life, we can release our worries and anxiety and trust God that he will take care of us.

It is not always easy to see God working through us, but we simply have to know that although we may not see His works, God is working in all of our lives everyday and He loves us too much to watch us suffer. “—Professional_1

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