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Our ministry to reach and raise up college students and professionals to become faithful, faith-filled, devoted disciples of Jesus Christ, and faith servant leaders of this generation.

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What do young college students or newly graduates dream of?

“I believe most young college students or newly graduates dream of having a fun and successful career after their college. In more depth, most young college students desire excellent grades alongside the many great life-long memories they will make with new friends and community. Learning more about themselves and what they choose to do with their God-given skillsets.” — College&Career

Give some tips in determining the major and/or degree you should pursue

“Tips for determining the major that you want to pursue come with learning more about what makes you happy. One can choose a career just to obtain the greatest amount of income, but if it truly does not make you happy – it may be your biggest regret.

Find something that you enjoy doing – and ask yourself if this could be something that you can make a living with/get a better education on? If you don’t have one in mind, that is what college/community college is here for, it’s time to explore different majors and use these times to figure out what stands out to you the most.

Through these experiences, you will start to have some sort of sense of where you want to go in your career path.” — College&Career

What would make college students or graduates TRUST in God?

“What would make college students or graduates trust in God is that we simply cannot do much on our own willpower. Our flesh is something that is super weak, and it is especially at its weakest during your fun college years. Once you try to live your life on your terms and desire, you will soon realize how much you need God.

Then, you can truly start to live again but in a whole new perspective of the Holy Spirit and this is one of the best feelings ever. Nothing in this world can compare to that feeling.” — College&Career

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